CBT skills

CBT skills

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I'd love to pass on reviews of workshops, books, research, and focus on the material that's clinically useful. It would be great if you could take away a new idea or technique that you could use straight away with your patients.

Functional analytical psychotherapy

This might help your patients.Posted by Philip Kinsella Wed, May 11, 2016 10:09:16

FAP focused on helping with relationships (based on an online workshop with Jonathan Kanter).

FAP is a therapy based on behavioural therapy traditions. In session CRB2’s are observed, evoked and reinforced. CRB1’s would be observed but not reinforced.

CRB2’s are clinically relevant behaviours such as opening up to the therapist, showing emotion, being courageous in facing a fear and so on. It is a very experiential therapy in which these positive behaviours are modeled in the therapy, in order to deepen the relationship with the patient.

The patient would be assessed using a format such as this:

FAP assessment questions (based on quick ACL assessment)


1. How aware are you of your feelings as they happen?

2. How aware are you of your needs and values in the interaction?

3. How aware are you and accepting of the other person’s needs, values and interactions?


1. Are you able to show vulnerable feelings?

2. How are you at authentically sharing?

3. What are you like at asking for what you need?


1. When others are emotional and vulnerable with you how are you at making them feel safe and accepted?

2. What are you like at expressing empathy when others share?

3. Can you sensitively give others what they need, when they ask?

4. How are you at expressing appreciation when others do loving things for you?

5. How much are you able to express feeling close and connected when others do loving things for you?


1. How are you at accepting yourself and whatever you may be feeling?

2. What are you like at accepting love and appreciation from others?

(When not in an interaction:)

1. How are you at self- care and soothing yourself?

The philosophy of the patient is to use behavioural principals to encourage:




In (oneself and in) one’s patients to help them deal with their relational and other problems

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