CBT skills

CBT skills

CBT top tips for clinicians!

I'd love to pass on reviews of workshops, books, research, and focus on the material that's clinically useful. It would be great if you could take away a new idea or technique that you could use straight away with your patients.

What I know about CBT!

This might help your patients.Posted by Philip Kinsella Wed, December 14, 2016 11:54:27

What I know about CBT.

  • It works well.
  • Persistent behavioural change is the most important element.
  • You need a good relationship with the patient particularly to ensure they return.
  • Challenging thoughts works better than defusing from thoughts.
  • Patients will keep things from you.
  • Set lots of homework to be successful
  • Be efficient in the session
  • Trans-diagnostic approaches are probably better than protocols.
  • The patient needs to be his own therapist.
  • The therapist needs to be his own therapist
  • Techniques that the patient learns well are probably more important than formulations.
  • It is too ‘talky’ and benefits from experiential elements like imagery.
  • Most people aren’t good at some things in their lives
  • If you’re not good at some things you focus on the things you’re good at, so CBT should accept that.
  • If don’t memorise a workshop and put it into practice you’ll forget it very quickly.
  • CBT therapists are biased to focus on the research that supports their existing view.
  • Therapists believe the research that is in line with their existing views.
  • We are good with straightforward cases.
  • We are bad with complex cases.

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